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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Requirements

What kind of computer and Internet access do I need?

Students will need to have access to a computer with internet connection capabilities.

Will your program work with a Mac and tablets?

Yes, a Mac will work with our online program. We’re also happy to say that many of our students are now enjoying doing their schoolwork on their tablets, too.

If I enroll more than one child, do they each need their own computer?

The importance of having “one computer per student” changes from elementary school (not so important) through high school (more important). Depending on learning styles, and schedules many children can use the same computer at different times of the day. Keep in mind how much time each student will need, and set a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

How can I read PDF (Acrobat) files?

There are parts of our curriculum you will need to be accessed with a FREE downloadable version of Acrobat.

Can I print out the lessons for review while off the Internet?

Yes, assignments and lessons can be printed, or downloaded for future use offline.

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