Accelerate Learning

Accelerate Learning offers rich and engaging content designed for students in grades K-12.  Accelerate activities include labs, journals, written assignments and interactive games and feature a strong literacy focus for the earlier grades.

Accelerate’s educational tools are focused on building strong learners and include:

  • Reading aloud;
  • Vocabulary building;
  • Shared and independent reading experiences;
  • Writing skills; and
  • Speaking and listening practice.

All Accelerate learning courseware is delivered online and also includes a variety of hands-on opportunities.  To assist parents and teachers, a materials list is provided with each hands-on exercise.

Accelerate Learning courseware can easily be tailored to meet students’ personal learning needs while providing quality instruction in core subjects:

  • Language Arts,
  • Math,
  • Science,
  • Physical Education,
  • Social Studies and
  • Arts and Crafts.

Materials Lists (PDFs):

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