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Subscription Auto-Renewal Policy

Automatic Renewal

Subscriptions are per student for a pre-paid one-month subscription term. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term for another one-month term. You agree that we may automatically renew your subscription and charge your account on the one-month anniversary of your last subscription date (the “Renewal Date”), unless you cancel your subscription before the Renewal Date. United Digital Learning (UDL) will automatically renew your subscription each month on the Renewal Date until you cancel your subscription or UDL no longer offers the subscription service.

Notice of Automatic Renewal

You will receive an email notice approximately 10 days prior to the Renewal Date. The notice will let you know that your current subscription term is about to end and the Renewal Date when your subscription will be renewed and your account charged. All notices regarding your subscription will be sent to your last email of record. To cancel your subscription without your account being charged for the next term, you must do so before the Renewal Date. Please keep a record of when your subscription term ends and the next Renewal Date. You are responsible for timely canceling your subscription regardless of whether you receive any notice from us.

Payment and Price

Monthly subscription price is per student with up to 12 enrolled courses at any one time. The renewal payment is due on the Renewal Date and will automatically be charged to the same credit card that you used for the original subscription registration or the most recent renewal. Please notify United Digital Learning Customer Service at 1-866-841-4284 before the Renewal Date of any changes to your email, account or billing information. The renewal price will be the same price as for the prior one-month subscription term unless UDL gives you advance notice of a price change. You will also receive a notice if there are any changes to the subscription service terms.


The initial subscription payment is NOT refundable. We will refund your renewal payment provided that you cancel your subscription during the 7 day period following the Renewal Date, as applicable. After the end of the applicable 7 day refund period, your one-month subscription payment is non-refundable.

How to Cancel Automatic Renewal

You must contact United Digital Learning Customer Service at 1-866-841-4284 to cancel your subscription. If you cancel within 7 days after the Renewal Date, your cancellation will be effective at the end of the then-current one-month subscription term for which you have already paid.

Permitted Use

You agree that you are only authorized to visit, view and to retain a copy of pages of this Site for your own personal use, and that you shall not duplicate, download, publish, modify or otherwise distribute the material on this Site for any purpose other than to review the information therein, for personal use, or to purchase products or subscriptions for your personal use, unless otherwise specifically authorized by UDL to do so. The content and software on this Site is the property of UDL and/or its suppliers and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. We post a legal notice and various credits on pages of the Site, which may not be removed. Please do not remove this notice or these credits, or any additional information contained along with the notices and credits.

In the event you download software from any UDL/GSN Site, the software, including any files, /school/images incorporated in or generated by the software, and data accompanying the software (collectively, the “Software”) are licensed to you by us or third-party licensors for your personal, non-commercial home use only. We do not transfer title to the Software to you. You own the medium on which the Software is recorded, but we (or third-party licensors) retain full and complete title to the Software and all intellectual property rights therein. You may not redistribute, sell, de-compile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise reduce the Software to a human-readable form.

Courseware Users are NOT permitted to assign courses, assignments, assessments or any other content within the curriculum program without permission from UDL. Accounts will be monitored by our enrollment specialists for misuse of our system. Any misuse as stated above will be removed by UDL and any and all progress will be lost. All course additions and withdrawals MUST be made through your “My Account” area.


This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Nevada. Venue shall be proper in Clark County, NV.


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