BOOK REVIEW - RETHINKING SCHOOL: HOW TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION / Will my student/ child get a diploma through United Digital Learning?

UDL will design a Diploma with “Your Homeschool Name” once you have determined that your student has completed the course of study in the program / curriculum provided by us. Again, as the Homeschool Family, taking these distance learning courses, YOU can name your school whatever you wish. For example – If your family name is “Smith” you can choose to use “Smith Homeschool Academy”… Or if you live on Main Street, you may want to consider naming your school “Main Street Homeschool”. As always, be sure to check the homeschool laws of your state and seek local homeschool support groups to guide you through the process. Both of which can be found and located at and seek advice through your local homeschool support groups, too.

While United Digital Learning is the “provider” for the curriculum/courseware, it is YOU, the parent or guardian who will be the “teacher” overseeing their education. Our staff will be available during work hours to assist you through the process. You are never alone and we are available every step of the way.

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