Grade 12 - Foreign Language

German 1 A (Credit: 0.50)

This German 1A course is an introductory course teaching basic comprehension and communication in German. It coordinates the study of language with culture through the use of video, audio and mass media production. This course assumes prior or no knowledge of the German language. It introduces the fundamentals of conversational and grammatical patterns of the German language with presentations to present the material. Students who complete the course successfully will begin to develop a functional competency in the four primary language areas: speaking, reading, listening and writing, while establishing a solid grammatical base and exploration into German culture.

German 1 B (Credit: 0.50)

The second semester course will expand on the knowledge gained from German 1A and further develop their skills in pronunciation, grammar skills, grammar structures and vocabulary. Oral practice (via Voice Tools), homework assignments, games, songs, watching videos, quizzes, tests, projects and other activities such as writing wikis and journal entries, will be emphasized to accomplish this goal. The different cultures of the German-speaking world are emphasized through readings, videos and other activities. Taking the time to learn another language is a mind-expanding activity that can open up a world of opportunities and advantages.

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