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GradPoint is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, comprehensive online learning solution that gives students in grades 6-12 the skills they need to succeed in high school, college and the modern work world.  GradPoint delivers personalized learning tools designed to be used with an award-winning curriculum aligned to state and Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and delivered on an award-winning, intuitive learning platform.

Higher quality content means better results.

GradPoint puts unparalleled, proven curriculum at your fingertips.

GradPoint delivers an educational experience uniquely designed to keep each student interested, motivated and moving forward.

GradPoint’s middle school curriculum provides the flexibility to deliver either core courses or smaller units to focus students who may need remediation.  GradPoint’s high school curriculum delivers courses built on instructional design best practices incorporating:

  • video,
  • interactive activities,
  • immediate feedback opportunities, and
  • a variety of built-in assessments that ensure mastery and authentic work.

GradPoint’s continuous support, content updates and new course releases guarantee you’ll always be connected to the best online learning curriculum available.


United Digital Learning is ALWAYS looking for new and exciting online learning tools that connect you to an academically meaningful student learning experience.  Discover for yourself why we are so excited about our electives programming!

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